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Lynx® Smart Satellite

Lynx® Smart Satellite
Lynx® Smart Satellite

The all-new Lynx Smart Satellite sports a familiar look but is designed to improve performance and reliability. Picking up where the accomplished Network VP left off, the Lynx Smart Satellite adds enhanced communications with the Lynx Central Control System and integration with field sensors to further complement your decision making. Lynx Smart Satellite is also fully compatible with Network VP and Network 8000 systems as an addition or replacement.

Smart Design

Smart Design

Designed for Performance

Faster microprocessor and increased memory for high performance today and the capacity for future enhancements tomorrow.


Designed for Reliability
Fewer cables and connectors, corrosion-resistant metals, vented circuit board covers, and simplified power distribution contribute to greater reliability.

Smart Features

Smart Features

Updated User Interface

Familiar arrow buttons and selector knob navigate the menu options in a larger backlit six-line display. Manual and diagnostic operations are easy, productive,

and intuitive.

Enhanced Wireless Communications
New digital radio with an integrated modem provides improved communication signal integrity, new diagnostic information and control options.

Optional Sensor Input Kit
Designed to integrate with the new Sensor Input Kit, allowing either local or Lynx Central response to information from anywhere on the course.

Plus all the Great Features of the Network VP
Station-Based Flow Management, current sensing and alarm response, run times to the second, Group Multi-Manual operation, Basic/Advanced/Grow-In programs.

Lynx Smart Satellite - Inside View

Lynx Smart Satellite - Inside View

  • Clear Vented Covers on Circuit Boards: protection from pests and corrosion
  • Stainless Steel and Plated Metal Parts: additional corrosion resistance
  • LED Indicators: confirmation of normal function and diagnostic information to assist with troubleshooting
  • Shielded Connectors: secure and reliable connections between components

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