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W320-D Series II Compact Utility Loader with Remote Control (RC320D)

W320-D Series II Compact Utility Loader with Remote Control (RC320D)
W320-D Series II Compact Utility Loader with Remote Control (RC320D)

Toro’s W320-D Series II compact utility loader gives you greater capability and effortless manoeuvrability, increasing productivity with less time in a short learning curve – even for inexperienced operators. Designed specifically for professionals, this machine is an innovative, rugged and reliable piece of equipment for virtually any job. The W320-D Series II is now available with a Hetronic Industrial Radio Remote Control (RRC) System.

The Toro wheeled W320-D diesel compact utility loader is built to deliver a high power-to-weight ratio in the compact utility loader category. At only 104 cm wide and zero turn capability, this compact utility loader can access confined spaces and its short length contributes to efficient trailering. With 4 Paw independent 4-wheel drive traction system, it’s sure on its feet in any environment, wet or dry. The Toro wheeled compact utility loader is, without doubt, built for Australia’s tough conditions.

Encased in a tough, IP65, fiber enforced polycarbonate case, the lightweight, ergonomic radio remote control by HMS Equipment, is rugged and reliable; engineered for the toughest industrial environments. Offering increased safety, productivity and operational efficiency, the new TX 1000 with remote control uses patented User Interface (UI) technology for optimal control and reliability. New, fully proportional, electro-hydraulic valves deliver precise and repeatable movement under all working conditions.

Hetronic Remote Control

Hetronic Remote Control

• Self-Test Routine: After applying power to the receiver, the software performs a self-test routine. If the self-test fails, the receiver will not power up and it will maintain its secure state.

• Enable Button - All joysticks or paddles in neutral position: After the self-test routine, the transmitter must be activated by pressing the Enable button. This engages the radio remote receiver. All proportional functions must be in the neutral position for the system to start up. This safety feature assures that no motion of the machine is activated by accident.

• Emergency Stop Switch: The transmitters have a fail-safe, push-pull E-Stop switch. For redundancy purposes, the E-Stop command is transmitted as a normally open and parallel as a normally closed contact. The E-Stop function is the most important feature of the remote. It assures that the operator can stop the machine immediately during operation.

• System Safety Address: Every radio system has its own system safety address. This address is assigned to the system during the manufacturing process. It assures that only the designated transmitter activates the corresponding receiver.

Powerful Kubota® engine

Powerful Kubota® engine

Fuel efficient liquid-cooled 20 HP Kubota® Super-Mini Series diesel engine. More net horsepower improves traction and delivers added torque to attachments.

4-Paw Independent 4-Wheel Drive

4-Paw Independent 4-Wheel Drive

Directs hydraulic flow and pressure to all the wheels, at all times. You can power through the toughest conditions and reduce the likelihood of getting stuck. The 4-Paw eliminates the use of chains - reducing maintenance and eliminating the chance of a broken chain.

Intuitive Control

Intuitive Control

Innovative, single toggle traction control is intuitive, easy to operate and effortless. Freeing the operators other hand to control attachment speed and positioning.

Unparalleled Visibility

Unparalleled Visibility

Removing the operator from the machine allows direct monitoring of the attachment plate, machine and jobsite for unparalleled visibility. Unlike manual machines, the operator is always facing the direction of travel, without having to look over their shoulder to reverse; maximising bystander safety.


20 hp Kubota® liquid-cooled Super-Mini Series diesel


71 cm


10" x 6", five bolt, centre drop, heavy gauge steel

Fuel Capacity

15 Litres

Ground Speed

3 km/h

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Pressure: 3,250 PSI

Hydraulic Flow: High-Flow Circuit: 40.9 lpm (9 gpm) at 3600 rpm


Hetronic Radio Remote Control

Frequency range: 434 Mhz

Bandwidth: 25 kHz

Safety address: 20-bit (over 999,999 individual possibilities)

Transmitter: Ergonomically designed housings, fiber enforced polycarbonate (PC)

Transmitter: Environmental Protection: IP 65 (exceeds Nema 12/13)

Certificates: RCM, CE, TUV, SUVA, ISO 9001 and compliance with AS/NZS 4240.1:2009



2 years/1000 hours limited warranty

*See your certified Toro dealer for full details on warranties.