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19" (48 cm) Super Recycler® Personal Pace® (21681)

19" (48 cm) Super Recycler® Personal Pace® (21681)
19" (48 cm) Super Recycler® Personal Pace® (21681)

Other mowers cut grass in a way that causes clippings to pile on top of the lawn. Our uniquely engineered Super Recycler® cutting system recuts the grass into finely shredded clippings that go back into your lawn. Whether you’re mulching to save time, naturally composting your lawn or reducing fertilizer use, the Super Recycler® gives you the ultimate in mulching performance.


Personal Pace® Automatic Drive System with Traction Assist Handle

Personal Pace® Automatic Drive System with Traction Assist Handle

Toro’s exclusive Personal Pace® technology automatically adjusts the mower’s pace to your walking speed. For more challenging areas with uneven terrain, the Traction-Assist Handle can help monitor your speed, and keep you mowing at a comfortable pace.

Toro® OHV Engine

Toro® OHV Engine

Toro® walk-power mower engines have a special governor design that delivers more usable power faster when put under load.

Auto-Choke System - Ensures consistent, easy starting backed by Toro’s Guaranteed-to-Start® warranty*.
Cast-Iron Cylinder Liner - Increases wear resistance for longer engine life.
Dual Oversized Crankshaft Bearings - Oversized crankshaft bearings create less friction and promote longer engine life.
Triple Piston Ring Design - Reduces engine oil consumption and blowby for maximum power.

*See your dealer for full details on warranties.

Durable Cast Aluminum Deck

Durable Cast Aluminum Deck

The die-cast deck is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Precision casting also produces outstanding quality of cut for improved performance.

Single-Point Height of Cut

Single-Point Height of Cut

Select the desired height of cut in one easy move.

Exclusive Recycling System

Exclusive Recycling System

The aerodynamic blade cuts the grass. The clippings hit the kickers and then are pushed back down into the blade. 


7.4 ft-lbs, 159 cc Toro® OHV with Auto Choke 

Cutting Width

48 cm Cast Aluminium Deck



Drive System

Personal Pace® Automatic Drive with Traction Assist, Rear Wheel Drive

Ground Speed

Variable to 6.4 km/h

Height of Cut

Single point adjustment, 2.5 - 10.8 cm

Recycle, Rear Discharge


Blade Brake Control


Washout Port


Wheel Height

20.3 cm

Bag On Demand


Quick Stow Storage Handle



39 kg


5 years warranty, 5 years Engine warranty and 5 years Guaranteed To Start warranty

*See your certified Toro dealer for full details on warranties.

Lawn Striping Kit

Attaches easily to most walk behind mowers and can be used with or without a bagger. Create everything from simple stripes to an eye-catching work of art. Available at your local certified Toro dealer.

Product Cover

Protect your mower with a water, abrasion and tear resistant cover. 

Toro Engine Maintenance Kit

Keep your Toro mower running smoothly, season after season. Kit includes: 20 oz. SAE 30 engine oil, spark plug, air filter and fuel stabiliser.

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