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Water via your smartphone with Toro’s latest irrigation innovation

Water via your smartphone with Toro’s latest irrigation innovation

It’s time to take watering to the next level with Toro, the trusted name that brings you the latest solutions in irrigation. Launching the newest addition to our controller line-up, Toro’s Tempus DC Battery-Operated Controller is programmable from your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth technology.

By using the Tempus DC app on your smartphone or tablet, the new Battery Controller is ideal for managing irrigation in areas without mains power, meaning you have full watering control from your device. With customers and contractors in mind, Toro has made watering and irrigation easy and convenient without compromising on quality.

Managing irrigation without electricity and relying on tap timers can be difficult and unreliable; thanks to Toro’s Tempus DC Battery Controller, you can take the guesswork out of watering. It’s easy to use, install and program with multiple stations and flexible irrigation programming to suit your needs.

Battery operated with no need for electricity, you will also be able to install your new Tempus DC with our step-by-step tutorial videos that help you program the controller. The app is easy and simple to use with flexibility for your watering preferences including 1, 2, 4 or 6 stations, 4 independent programs and 3 start times.

Toro provides innovative and reliable products that are built for contractors and homeowners alike, using waterproof and durable materials with quality that is second-to-none. The advanced features of Tempus DC offer more versatility than tap timers which operate on a single station. It comes with a 2 year warranty. Your irrigation equipment will always be safe as Tempus DC is vandal-resistant in a valve box, while tap timers are vulnerable as they are screwed in the tap.

If you wish to have an LCD, Toro offers both options should you prefer to program on the display. The Tempus DC can be with or without the LCD screen as you have the option to program your controller using the app or manually.

Powered by Bluetooth and battery operation to rely less on connections and more on convenience, Toro is putting the best product on the market for your watering requirements. With reliable performance and thinking outside the box, the Tempus DC Battery Controller brings you full control of your irrigation at the touch of a button.

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