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Toro’s New Hippo Clamps Prove To Be A Success

Toro’s New Hippo Clamps Prove To Be A Success

While Toro’s new Hippo Clamps have only just been launched in the Australian market, irrigation specialists across the nation are already raring to get their hands on them.

These innovative stainless steel irrigation clamps provide a quick and secure fastening solution for LD poly pipe and drip tube systems. Developed by the experts at Toro over several years and designed specifically for the Australian irrigation market, the clamps provide a tight fit and strong hold that no other product can match.

Earlier this year, a handful of landscaping professionals and commercial contractors across Australia were offered the chance to test out the Hippo Clamps before they hit the shelves. After just a few months, the feedback has been extremely promising and demand for Hippo Clamps is continuing to grow.

Joe Giannini, owner of Joe Giannini Paving and Landscaping, was one of the first to test out the clamps. He is currently using a range of Hippo Clamps for the poly pipe and drip line connections at a residential site in Allenby Gardens, South Australia. The clamps have been in operation for many months, and Joe couldn’t be happier with how they’re performing.

“We’ve been using Hippo Clamps to connect the drip line and 25mm poly pipes for our project in Allenby Gardens. Since installing the clamps, we haven’t had any issues whatsoever. They’re really simple to use, and the colour-coding makes the clamp sizes easy to identify. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone in the field,” says Mr. Giannini.

Aside from the ease of use, Joe has also been very impressed with the clamps’ unique latching mechanism.

“The clamps have a positive lock, so all you need to do is clip them in once, and they’re secure. There’s no need to press down or hold them, and there’s no second guessing whether or not they’re locked in. It makes the installation process so much easier. We’re never going back to our old clamps again!” says Mr. Gianni.

Many of the trial clamps were stocked by leading irrigation supply retailer, Darling Irrigation in Wagga Wagga. Business Unit Manager, Leon Larsen, says that while it’s still early days, he’s already very impressed with the product.

“Hippo Clamps are well designed, easy to use and lock in tightly. Plus, being manufactured and thoroughly tested by the experts at Toro, I don’t see what could go wrong!” says Mr. Larson. “We’re already selling Hippo Clamps by the thousands. Customers are happy to test them out because they’re confident in the Toro brand.”

To learn more about Toro’s new Hippo Clamps or request a free trial, please visit or see your local Toro dealer.