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Toro’s growth is helping growers, thanks to the new Aqua-Traxx PBX Drip Tape

Toro’s growth is helping growers, thanks to the new Aqua-Traxx PBX Drip Tape

Recent expansion and investment in the Toro manufacturing facility at Beverley, South Australia is enabling local production of new and innovative irrigation products.

As a result, Toro is proud to announce the availability of Australian made, Aqua-Traxx® PBX drip tape.

The advantage of this drip tape is the Proportionally Balanced Cross-Section (PBX) which works to increase flow turbulence and velocity, providing unmatched clog resistance, durability and uniform watering to every plant.

“The Proportionally Balanced X (cross) section technology and extra-large flow path optimises turbulence and maximizes clogging resistance” says Robert Aitken, Toro Australia’s Technical Services Manager. “The precise balance between this large flow path and the highly turbulent flow provides greater reliability and more uniform output.”

While many similar drip tapes are blow moulded, which results in a seam, Toro Aqua-Traxx PBX is an extruded tube, which is completely seamless.

Other extruded tubes available, have individual emitters inserted into the tube during extrusion process. This means that the closer the emitters are to each other, the more there are, which results in a higher cost.

With Aqua-Traxx PBX, the emitter is integrated within the tube, so more slits can be added for closer spacing without the need for additional emitters. This allows growers to choose an outlet spacing from 10 to 90 cm based upon their desired wetting pattern without additional cost.

“Aqua-traxx technology has introduced a paradigm shift in drip irrigation,” explains Aitken. “In the past, a grower had to hydraulically redesign a whole system if he wanted to modify the spacing between emitter outlets. With PBX, a grower can change the spacing between emitters and maintain the same water application in the field. Since closely spaced emitters provide many agronomic benefits, growers no longer need to compromise.”

Aqua-Traxx with the PBX advantage is available in an economical 5 mil wall thickness as well as 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 mil thicknesses for tougher applications. There are 9 emitter flow rates in the Aqua-Traxx PBX product family (0.07 to 0.53 US gallons per hour), producing flow rates from 65 lph per 100 m to 1975 lph per 100m, to suit run lengths, soil types and growing practices found in farming operations nationally.

Australian growers now have a superior yet economical locally-made product that helps them grow with the flow.

For superior results and reliability, Aqua-Traxx PBX drip tape should be used in conjunction with Toro Pro-Loc tape fittings. Easy to install Pro-Loc fittings offer a comprehensive range of configurations including couplings, layflat take-offs and valve options.

Go to Aqua-Traxx PBX for more information.