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Toro TurfMaster HDX 30” shines in the area of productivity.

Toro TurfMaster HDX 30” shines in the area of productivity.

Mowing & Growing is a family operated business providing lawn mowing and garden maintenance services, located on the NSW Central Coast. They specialise in larger residential properties, retirement villages and schools. Owner Martyn Saifiti already owns several Toro mowers, including a Commercial 21’’, a Timemaster 30’’, a 6000 Series 60’’ ride-on and a Grandstand 54’’.

Saifiti recently trialed a new Toro TurfMaster HDX 30”.

“The TurfMaster really shines in the area of productivity. We timed our guys using a 21’’ Commercial vs 30’’ TurfMaster and found we cut down mowing time of a large area from 1 hour with a Toro 21’’ to 44 minutes with the 30’’ TurfMaster. This is huge for properties where we can’t get ride on access and calculated there would be a substantial yearly saving on wages”.
Saifiti says the TurfMaster is a well build machine, with easy one hand operations to engage the blades and drive. It is also easy to adjust the wheel height with the 2-point system.

The mower is easy to trailer. “It is an easy fit on our box trailer with the Toro Grandstand mower and the fact that the TurfMaster has a parking brake is a big help to secure it during transport. We also managed to fit it on our truck with our Toro Z Master, Toro Grandstand, Toro Commercial 21” and the Toro TurfMaster all in one setup.

Saifiti says he found the machine mulches weekly summer growth well including couch which tends to clump when wet. The mower is very good at bagging, even with dull blades, it throws the grass into the bag and packs it in.

Saifiti: “This mower certainly cut down our time on bigger back yards where we haven't got access for ride-on mowers. It’s a great mower overall. The TurfMaster would also be perfect for a new business owner who could use it as a stepping stone until they can purchase a ride-on mower”.