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Toro Turfguard wins at Water Industry Alliance Awards

Toro Turfguard wins at Water Industry Alliance Awards

The Toro Turf Guard® Wireless Soil Monitoring System won the Minister's Award for Water & Climate Change Leadership at the 2013 Smart Water Awards Ceremony held in Adelaide on Friday 31 May 2013. South Australian Minister The Hon. Ian Hunter MLC - Minister for Water and the River Murray, presented the award toToro Australia.

Turf Guard helps golf courses and sports field managers improve their turf, soil and water efficiency. It is an affordable device that gives access to improved decision making in an industry that is highly focussed on turf health and subsequently water use and application.

David Richardson, Product Manager Irrigation at Toro Australia said: "We are extremely pleased to have won this award. The Turf Guard product uses revolutionary technology that lets a turf manager know what's going on beneath the surface of a course, so timely and informed adjustments can be made.

"In addition to great water-saving benefits, Turf Guard can also provide soil temperature and salinity information to help prevent and fight damaging turf diseases, pests, salinity problems and other stresses.

Turf Guard uses an integrated network of wireless, underground sensors that can be installed anywhere on a golf course or sports field without disrupting play.

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David Richardson
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