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Toro® Tempus® Ag – a new wireless irrigation solution.

Toro® Tempus® Ag – a new wireless irrigation solution.

Toro Australia is excited to announce the launch of the Tempus Ag irrigation control system.

Traditional wired irrigation is expensive, complex and offers very basic controls. Toro Tempus Ag is a new totally wireless, affordable and battery-operated centralized solution to manage your irrigation needs.

The Tempus Ag systems uses sensors to give detailed feedback of ground conditions and allows total automation – by time, by volume or by rainfall. Users can remotely control valves via smartphone, tablet or PC. In the field, direct access to Gateway/Modules can be done via Bluetooth® for quick manual operations.

Hamish Lloyd, Irrigation Product Manager at Toro Australia explains how Tempus Ag works: “This system uses LoRa radio technology to allow 'Gateways' and modules in the field to communicate with each other. The Gateways are a crucial part of every Tempus Ag system. They work by creating a LoRa 'bubble', where Tempus Ag modules such as controllers, master valves and multi sensors can be linked to the Gateway, up to 800m away. More modules can be added to cover almost limitless areas. The gateways really are the brains of the Tempus Ag family and are available in both Wi-Fi and 4G versions.”

“Using an intuitive App or Desktop platform, users can manage their system remotely. The platform allows you to have instant access to every controller, valve and sensor, so scheduling, monitoring and control is easier than ever. Users are alerted immediately if any issues occur anywhere in the system through push notifications on their device”, he adds.

As all modules are battery powered there is no need for wiring and the system is easy to install. A complete range of sensors is included, so it is easy to monitor weather, soil or system conditions. All field modules are powered by a 9V battery and with an easy to unscrew cap the single 9V battery can quickly be replaced, making maintenance of your system a simple job.

Hamish says : “The Tempus Ag system has been in use overseas in commercial applications including municipalities, schools and zoos, as well as in agriculture. It is exciting that it is now available in Australia!”

If you are looking for more information on this new groundbreaking system there is a full range of product brochures and specification flyers available on the Toro website: