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Toro T5 RapidSet® Series Stainless Steel Model Now Available

Toro T5 RapidSet® Series Stainless Steel Model Now Available

Toro Australia is proud to announce that the T5 RapidSet® Series rotors are now available with a stainless steel riser option. With a reinforced riser and nozzle base constructed from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, they are ideal for areas with high foot traffic and areas with coarse, sandy soils.

Frank Nocera, Toro Australia’s Irrigation Product Manager explains: “Sandy soils can be very abrasive on plastic pop-up risers, especially when sand gets caught between the sprinkler riser and the wiper seal. The sand particles will score and wear the riser and seal. Soil may also work its way in and prevent the riser from retracting fully. 304 Stainless steel risers offer a much harder surface and will prevent wear and tear.”

In commercial areas, such as parks and gardens, the stainless steel riser can also help reduce damage due to vandalism resulting in fewer sprinkler replacements over time.

Additionally, the T5 Series sprinkler all feature time saving, tool-free arc adjustment from the unique RapidSet feature. It allows both arc and angle orientation to be set quickly with a simple twist of the nozzle turret. Rapidset also protects the turret gears and components from damage. The rotor can be “set in seconds” to cover arcs of 40° to 360°.

The T5 RapidSet lawn model has a 125mm (5”) pop-up height, and is housed in a body similar in size to competitors’ 20mm (¾”) rotors, most of which have a pop-up height of only 100mm (4”).

Mr Nocera said that the height of the rotor can make all the difference: “It’s easier to retrofit and upgrade existing irrigation systems without having to do any extra digging. The 125mm pop-up height allows the sprinkler to clear taller grass.”

Toro’s exclusive class-leading Airfoil™ technology creates a low pressure zone just beneath the nozzle stream to gently glide water downward for close-in watering that won’t wash away seeds, making it ideal for grow-in applications.