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Toro Precision Series Pressure Compensating Nozzles Save Water

Toro Precision Series Pressure Compensating Nozzles Save Water

Toro Australia’s Irrigation Product Manager, David Richardson, said mist is easily affected by wind, increased evaporation rates and results in overspray which increases runoff.He said that in many situations, the most efficient solution is to use the new Toro Precision™ Series Pressure Compensating (PC) Spray Nozzles.“These nozzles deliver an industry first 25 mm per hour precipitation rate and minimise misting up to an inlet pressure of 275 kPa, reducing the need for a regulating head,” he said.

“The Toro Precision™ Series PC Spray Nozzles have an elastomeric pressure compensating device that changes inlet pressure to maintain optimal performance. Using patented H2O chip technology and no moving parts, each nozzle creates high frequency oscillating streams to achieve the desired arc and radius. 

“The lower flow rate of the spray nozzle maximises design efficiency and saves on overall material costs by requiring fewer valves and less control stations. Since PC nozzles help minimise mist and overspray, they save water. Afterall, the intention is to water plants, not paths or roadways”, said Mr. Richardson.

“For irrigation systems with low pressure, retrofitting existing high flow nozzles with Toro’s PC Nozzles can also make a significant difference.”

Toro Precision™ Series PC spray nozzles are available in a variety of arcs and radii, as well as in male or female threads, making them ideal for large scale installations and retrofits. The nozzles fit Toro, Irritrol, Rain Bird and Hunter spray bodies. They are the most complete and efficient spray nozzle line available to help manage water use, eliminate run-off and reduce customer water bills.