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Toro Introduces the Lightweight ReelMaster® 3550-D Mower

Toro Australia adds a new option to its Reelmaster line-up of fairway mowers, with the new Reelmaster 3550-D mower. The lightweight 3550-D is gentle on turf, while still delivering a high level of perfomance and productivity.

At just 900 kg in the base configuration, the Reelmaster 3550-D is the lightest fairway unit on the market (15 to 20% lighter than comparably equipped competitive mowers). The lightweight design allows for gentle turns, and minimizes compaction and tyre tracks.

"Toro developed the 3550-D with turf health in mind, " says Mark Johnson, Senior Sales Manager - Golf Equipment for Toro Australia. "The lighter weight means better floatation, which allows both warm and cool season fairways, along with other sensitive turf areas to flourish. The DPA cutting units also deliver an outstanding quality of cut."

With a maximum mowing speed of 11.3 km/h, the Reelmaster 3550-D is approximately 40% faster than the riding greens mowers sometimes chosen to achieve a light footprint. It also offers a 208 cm width of cut, compared to the 149 cm width of cut on a typical riding greens mower. Mark: "The higher speed and wider cutting swath allow operators to finish jobs faster which is great for productivity."

The Reelmaster 3550-D has five, 46 cm cutting units for enhanced ground following over fairway undulations. They're a smaller version of Toro's dual precision adjustment (DPA) cutting units. which are easy to adjust. Harder reel and bedknife steel retain a sharp edge up to 3 times longer to minimize the need and frequency of adjustment, backlapping and grinding, leading to a healthier turf that stays green. Optional 56 cm rear cutting units are available to achieve additional overlap if desired. The Reelmaster 3550-D features a 24.8 hp (18.5 kW) Kubota® diesel engine with plenty of power to climb hills, even while running groomers and rear roller brushes.

Mark Johnson says: "The smooth, turf friendly tyres on the 3550-D are a standard inclusion, as is the patented Series/Parallel 3-wheel drive system. This means power is provided to at least two wheels at all times and that results in impressive traction in hilly and wet conditions, with minimal wheel slip so it's gentle on the turf."

Optional accessories include a grass basket kit, cutting unit rollers, scrapers and bedknives, groomer with optional Broomer™, and powered rear roller brushes.