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Toro Introduces the FLEX800™ Series Golf Sprinkler Family

Toro Introduces the FLEX800™ Series Golf Sprinkler Family

The FLEX800™ Series golf sprinkler family complements the INFINITY® Series with Smart Access®. The FLEX800 combines all the efficiency and proven performance features and benefits of Toro's 800S and DT Series golf sprinklers into a single golf sprinkler family.

The FLEX800 and INFINITY Series offer customers the flexibility to order the exact combination of features they need without the burden of those they don't. You choose the Body, Riser and Activation type to customize each sprinkler to precisely meet your application and budgetary needs.

Two Flexible Golf Sprinkler Body Choices:

  • FLEX800™ Series Bodies - With more than 50 years of field proven experience as the industry's strongest sprinkler body, the FLEX800 Series is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor golf environment and provide reliable performance for decades.
  • INFINITY® Series Bodies - Featuring the patented Smart Access compartment, crews have quick and easy access to all internal components - all without digging - to provide significant labour savings. With an eye to the future, the Smart Access compartment is designed for future upgrades as new technologies become available.

Three Flexible Riser Choices:

  • Full circle with dual trajectory - Full circle operation with Dual Trajectory nozzle adjustment provides consistently excellent nozzle performance.
  • Adjustable Part and Full Circle with Dual Trajectory - Adjustable part and full circle operation with two key labour saving features including the Ratcheting Riser that allows riser alignment without disassembly, and the Nozzle Base Clutching that provides “Turn-Hold-Shoot” of the nozzle base for hot spot watering.
  • Adjustable Part and Full Circle with 24 Position TruJectory™ - Provides the ultimate in nozzle flexibility allowing 24 position trajectory adjustment to provide superior nozzle performance while fighting the wind, avoiding obstacles or reducing the radius.

Five Flexible Activation Choices:

  • Three Satellite Field Control System Choices - Standard 24 vac solenoid; Spike Guard™ 24 vac solenoid with lower wattage and more than twice the lightning protection; and, Nickel-Plated Spike Guard™ solenoid that provides the additional feature of improved corrosion resistance for non-potable water conditions.
  • Two 2-Wire Field Control Choices - DC Latching solenoid with low voltage pulse from 1, 2 or 4 station GDC modules remotely placed in valve boxes out of play. The other option is the Integrated GDC module w/ DC latching solenoid that is installed at the sprinkler location, outside of the sprinkler body (FLEX800™), or inside the protective Smart Access® compartment (INFINITY®).

All INFINITY® and FLEX800™ Series models are currently available.