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Toro Introduces Recycler® PoweReverse® Personal Pace® Mower

Toro Introduces Recycler® PoweReverse® Personal Pace® Mower

Imagine a walk-behind mower with a self-propel drive system that is powered in both forward and reverse. That’s the game-changing idea behind Toro’s new 22-inch PoweReverse® Personal Pace® Recycler® mower.

Homeowners can now mow with much less effort. The front wheels help power the mower in reverse, while the rear wheels sense and adjust to your preferred walking pace to power the mower forward. And it’s all at your fingertips with Toro’s Personal Pace operator controls.

“The PoweReverse Personal Pace self-propel system gives you extra power to get in and out of challenging spots,” explains Brian Goodridge, Product Manager Equipment at Toro. “This mower was designed with ‘human factors’ in mind to make mowing your lawn easier than ever before. It’s perfect for mowing in tight areas such as fence corners, around landscaping and playground equipment, and under low tree limbs or decks or any area in your garden that requires a lot of back-and-forth motion.”

PoweReverse also features a new Iso-Flex™ shock-absorbing handle with a cushioned design that reduces bumps and vibrations felt by the operator’s hands when mowing over uneven terrain. For added maneuverability, the handle glides within a range to make it easier to control the mower in more challenging areas of your garden.

In addition, this new model is equipped with Toro’s Recycler cutting system, which suspends and recuts clippings into fine mulch for a healthy, lush lawn. When you want to collect clippings, you can switch from mulching to bagging in seconds by flipping the Bag-on-Demand quick-change lever. Other features include a powerful 159cc Toro® engine and 11" high rear wheels with rugged tyre tracks to tackle uneven terrain with ease.

The new 22" Recycler PoweReverse Personal Pace walk-behind mower is now available at authorized Toro dealers. For additional details on the new PoweReverse Personal Pace mower, please visit