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Toro introduces new battery powered ride-on lawn tractor mower

Toro introduces new battery powered ride-on lawn tractor mower

Toro Australia is launching a new battery powered ride-on tractor mower, the eS3000. The 72V re-chargeable battery mower offers a hassle free, quieter and more peaceful mowing experience, with all the technology you expect from Toro.

Brian Goodridge, Toro’s Equipment Product Marketing Manager said the mower has a very compact design and top of the line specifications. Goodridge: “The ride-on lawn tractor is aimed at home-owners in urban and semi-rural areas, as well as businesses like motels and caravan parks, where noise and exhaust smells may be an issue. As the mower is so quiet, there’s a lot less noise pollution.

“This mower would also suit people who are currently using a push mower but are finding it difficult to start or push the mower, as well as people who feel a bit intimidated by a zero turn mower,” he said.

The run time of the eS3000 mower will vary depending on the mowing conditions. Generally the 72V brushless mower will give up to 2 hours of runtime and would therefore suit blocks of up to 2 acres (8000 m2).

With a width of just 82 cm (32.3”) in mulching mode, the mower will fit in tight spaces and through narrow gates. Twin spindle deck width is 76 cm (30”). It is also surprisingly agile with a 46 cm turning circle. Forward ground speed is 8 km per hour.

Goodridge says: “The eS3000 is very easy to operate, with an easy key start. All controls are conveniently  located in one place. There are 10 different positions of cutting height from 2.5 cm up to 10.5 cm. It is also very easy to shift between mulching mode and side discharge mode.”

All modern comforts such as a movable high back seat, cup holder, LED front lights for twilight mowing, cruise control, USB port connection and a mow in reverse function button are included. For even more functionality, a tow hitch allows for optional accessories to be fitted.

This hassle free mower requires minimal servicing. With no belts, pulleys, spark plugs, fuel or oil, all there is left to do is cleaning and blade sharpening/maintenance, which can be performed by all Toro dealers or at home if you are skilled. This mower comes with a year 3 consumer warranty.

“If a quiet, low maintenance mower with low running costs sounds like what you need, then check out the eS3000. It is available to order from Toro dealers now”, said Goodridge.