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Toro® INFINITY™ Series Delivers Future of Golf Course Sprinkler Technology

Toro® INFINITY™ Series Delivers Future of Golf Course Sprinkler Technology

The key benefit of the INFINITY™ Series is the innovative SMART ACCESS™ feature that allows crews quick and easy access to internal components, including solenoids, pilot valves, 2-wire control modules and wire splices - all without digging to provide significant labour savings.

With an eye to the future, the SMART ACCESS compartment is designed for future upgrades as new technologies become available. The compartment also provides system protection by isolating all electrical components, such as wire splices, from soil and moisture to prevent ground shorts and keep the system operating smoothly. Allowing easy access to facilitate troubleshooting and repairs, the INFINITY Series sprinkler incorporates a patented CHECK FLOW™ feature that allows pilot valve removal without turning the water off.

“Our new INFINITY Series sprinklers are engineered for today's challenges, and designed for tomorrow's technologies,” says Patrick O’Shannessy, National Sales Manager Turf at Toro Australia. “It allows courses to add new technology inside these golf sprinklers for decades to come. The INFINITY Series enables crews to trade their shovels for screwdrivers when it comes to sprinkler upgrades and maintenance. Most important, play won't be interrupted by sprinkler repairs, replacements, piles of dirt, closure signs or scarred turf.”

All models of the INFINITY Series also provide trajectory adjustment of the main nozzle. INF34/54 and INF35/55 models provide dual trajectory adjustment selections of 15 or 25 degrees. The INF35-6/55-6 is available with the patented TruJectory™ feature that allows users to adjust the main nozzle trajectory from the top of the sprinkler, and easily fine-tune radius and spray heights from 7 to 30 degrees in one degree increments. These unique design features enable users to apply exactly the right amount of water precisely where it's needed under trees, on bunker faces or in windy conditions. Users can select the trajectory type and angle they need to maximize distribution uniformity to eliminate wet and dry spots, improve turf quality and playing conditions and, best of all, reduce water use.

All INFINITY Series models feature different activation types including a DC latching solenoid and an integrated GDC module.

INFINITY Series sprinklers are designed to protect a course's investment by providing backward compatibility with 800S and DT Series models. The riser-less body models of the INFINTY Series are available to allow courses to use existing 800S and DT Series risers to significantly reduce the cost of upgrade. Additionally, the INFINITY bodies are the same height as the 25mm or 40mm 800S and DT models and the same diameter as the 40mm models.

The new sprinklers are available in six base models: 25mm full circle with dual trajectory nozzle; two 25mm part circle models (one with dual trajectory and the other 24-position TruJectory); 40mm full circle dual trajectory; and two 40mm part circle models (one with dual trajectory and the other with 24-position TruJectory).
Select models are now available.

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