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Toro Groundsmaster 4010 mower finds a new life at Stansbury Golf Course

Toro Groundsmaster 4010 mower finds a new life at Stansbury Golf Course

Small regional golf courses, rural councils and amateur sporting bodies are often looking for good quality used turf care equipment to stretch already tight budgets.

When Stansbury Golf Course, a public 9-hole course located on South Australia’s beautiful Yorke Peninsula, were looking for a replacement for their very old tow-behind mower, they contacted Toro Australia.

Simon Jones, Area Sales Manager of Toro Equipment narrates: “Renmark Paringa Council had just replaced their old Groundsmaster 4010 with a newer model. I was able to show Stansbury’s president, Ian McEwan, and his team of volunteers the new mower and told them the older model Groundsmaster 4010 would be available to purchase. There is always a high demand for good quality machines that have been traded in, so the timing of Stansbury was perfect.

"Toro inspects all machinery we get as a trade-in, or that is returned to us at the end of a contract or lease period, and decide whether it is suitable for the second-hand market.

"Some machinery will be upgraded, some of it serviced and some offered to the market as received.

"For small country courses, buying good quality used machinery that meets their requirements can provide significant savings over new equipment.

“Both Renmark Paringa Council and Stansbury Golf Course are very happy with their new mowers, which really makes this a win-win situation for all,” says Jones.

McEwan adds: “Not only are we very pleased with our mower, but also with the whole process of delivery. Simon Jones brought the mower out on course in Stansbury and gave us very detailed instructions on its operation, made sure we knew how to service and maintain it, and then gave us a run-down on best mowing practices. Toro’s service has been absolutely fantastic.“

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