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The new Toro Multi Pro® 1750, engineered to your specifications

The new Toro Multi Pro® 1750, engineered to your specifications

The new Toro Multi Pro® 1750 leverages the advanced spray system design of Toro’s successful Multi Pro® 5800 sprayer with intuitive sprayer controls and productive vehicle features.

“It’s the result of hundreds of hours of customer input and exhaustive operator field testing” says Mark Johnson, Senior Sales Manager Golf Equipment at Toro.

With a tank capacity of 662 litre, the Multi Pro 1750 has an industry-exclusive six diaphragm pump. This powerful pump produces up to twice the flow of 2-diaphragm pumps to simultaneously achieve higher spray volumes and aggressive agitation needs. While spraying, the pump continuously agitates tank contents for a homogeneous mix and more accurate application of chemicals from start to finish, saving chemical costs and ensuring efficacy.

A completely redesigned elliptical polyethylene tank has no shelves or corners for chemicals to stick on, which helps ensure a 99% spray out, this means no more building up of chemicals in ‘dead spots’.

The new Quick Find™ Console helps the operator to intuitively find boom and actuator switches with the palm of their hand and places command of all key vehicle and sprayer systems at the operator’s fingertips for ease-of use and improved control.  The analog pressure gauge and the new InfoCenter™ are smartly situated to keep all key sprayer data in the operator’s line of sight.

A rugged triangular 5.6 m wide spray boom provides fore and aft breakaway on impact while protecting nozzles. The boom extensions raise into a crisscross position for storage and transportation.

Mark Johnson says: “A variety of attachments and accessory kits is also available to help save labour and chemical costs by simplifying the mixing and spraying processes”.