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The new Toro® Greensmaster Flex™ 2120 provides a precise cut and easy operation

The new Toro® Greensmaster Flex™ 2120 provides a precise cut and easy operation

Toro Australia has recently released the Greensmaster® Flex™ 2120. This new walk greens mower model delivers a pristine after-cut appearance thanks to a number of innovative new features.

The new Greensmaster model includes a user-friendly Multi-Disk wet clutch that allows feathering for a smoother engagement and ease of operation.
As a result, operators can now feather engagement of the clutch at lower RPMs which makes turnarounds in tight areas noticeably easier and more convenient.

The grass basket is connected to the suspension cross-arm, as opposed to the traction unit’s frame. This subtle, but important feature, allows the baskets to follow the cutting units path precisely regardless of undulations over the terrain. Furthermore, the new design retains the unique Toro feature of distributing the weight of the basket evenly on the front and rear rollers, while the clippings fill the basket for a more consistent cut across the entire green.

A key enhancement to the Flex 2120 is the incorporation of the new EdgeSeries™ reels into the Dual Point Adjustment (DPA) cutting units. The new reels feature refined manufacturing techniques and geometry changes for enhanced cutting efficiency. Improved blade materials also prolong reel life and edge retention. These innovations keep the reels sharp longer and require less maintenance in terms of grinding and backlapping.

Taken together, the improvements in the design of the cutting system will help reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and promote the health of your turf.

Finally, the Height-of-Cut (HOC) adjustment on the Greensmaster Flex 2120 has been simplified thanks to the integration of wave washers on the height of cut screws on all DPA cutting units. This simple addition allows the technician to achieve a precise HOC adjustment every time.