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The new revolutionary, non-hydraulic Toro® Greensmaster® eTriFlex™ 3360 greensmower is here

The new revolutionary, non-hydraulic Toro® Greensmaster® eTriFlex™ 3360 greensmower is here

Toro Australia has launched the most advanced, electric-drive riding greensmower on the market, the Greensmaster® eTriFlex™ 3360. The new eTriFlex carries no hydraulic fluid and utilises all-electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting units.

This new EnergySmart® model delivers an operationally friendly design with noise reductions, operational cost savings and other improvements, complementing enhancements in cutting performance.

The Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360 is powered by a Kawasaki® engine/generator and built upon the trusted Toro TriFlex platform.
“Superintendents can rest easy knowing that all hydraulics have been replaced with electrical components, there’s no need to worry about potential hydraulic leaks that tend to happen at the most inconvenient times”, said Brian Goodridge, Toro’s Equipment Product Marketing Manager.

“The lower noise levels of the eTriFlex certainly help with early mowing starts and tee times, to help the course with local noise regulations. The new generator model is much quieter than traditional engine powered models”, he said.

Cutting performance has also been improved, especially on the perimeter cut, by monitoring each individual reel and traction wheel speed during turns.
Goodridge said: “This mower has individual reel and wheel speed control, reducing the effect known as “Triplex-Ring”. The clip rate of each individual reel is standardised to avoid turfgrass thinning on the inside reel during perimeter cutting, and wheel turf scrubbing is reduced. This improves aesthetics of the course”.
The engine-powered eTriFlex with battery assist technology is up to 20% more fuel efficient – resulting in lower emissions and fuel savings.

Other new features include an automatic slowdown in turns at high transport speeds, auto-brake functionality when the operator dismounts the mower, a foot-operated parking brake as well as an optional mowing slowdown setting to help protect the integrity of the collar.

Finally, operators have more control and access to advanced diagnostic information than ever before thanks to the onboard InfoCenter™. This easy-to-use control panel can adjust mowing and reel speeds, calibrate lift, steering and traction and engage the “slow-in-turn” feature to reduce damage on the fringe area of the green in turn-arounds.

“Our electric-drive riding greensmower incorporates some very important new features that will revolutionise the future of greensmowing as we know it. The result is a much quieter, easier-to-operate, labour saving machine that delivers a best-in-class level of cut quality, consistency and playability.”
The Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360 engine powered model is now available and is compatible with existing TriFlex cutting units and accessories to make the most of your current investments.