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The new 24-Inch Toro Stand-On Aerator

The new 24-Inch Toro Stand-On Aerator

Featuring a revolutionary new compact design, Toro has introduced the all-new 24-inch stand-on aerator. This new model is only 90 cm wide and will therefore fit through narrow gates.

“The new 24-inch stand-on aerator is an outstanding new solution for contractors who are looking to tackle any aeration job, large or small, in a nimble and maneuverable package,” said Brian Goodridge, Toro Equipment Product Marketing Manager. “The ability to clear a narrower gate opening, combined with the productivity of a stand-on machine is extremely important to contractors.”

Aerating width of the new unit is 61 cm, with 36 tines and electronic depth control. “This will ensure that there is a consistent core depth during aeration, no matter the terrain the machine is used on. Once you put the aerator into action, you will notice a consistent plug depth of up to 10cm in length”, said Goodridge.

The 24” stand-on aerator reaches ground speeds of up to 10.4 km/h.

With an intuitive smart controller and easy-to-use controls, all of the necessary functions are at the operator’s fingertips, including maintenance reminders and a tine activation lock out. A platform and cushioned panel help to reduce operator fatigue.