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The All-New Toro® Workman® UTX is coming soon.

The All-New Toro® Workman® UTX is coming soon.

The Workman UTX is a 4-wheel drive vehicle designed for tough daily work in a variety of demanding environments, including golf courses and facilities maintenance.

“This new, rugged utility vehicle is designed to tackle jobs like tree maintenance, landscaping, event setup and teardown, rubbish collection, and transportation of people, materials and tools. It is truly very versatile and durable”, said Brian Goodridge, Toro’s Equipment Product Manager.

The commercial-grade, 4-wheel drive vehicle uses a proprietary ground speed governing system. The Workman UTX’s ground speed and RPM are not directly connected, allowing you to limit the speed of the machine without gutting the power. This system allows for the perfect amount of power to be applied to the job, no matter the desired ground speed. This can mean lower RPMs, and with it lower fuel consumption and sound, or higher RPMs for more power to haul a heavy load.

Like a full-sized vehicle, the Workman UTX comes standard with turn signals, brake lights, hazards, LED headlights, and a horn. It also comes with a corrosion resistant spray-in bed liner. An all-weather cab with heat and air conditioning is available to keep operators comfortable in any conditions.

The Workman UTX offers a choice of petrol or diesel power and comes in a two person configuration. Push button 4-wheel drive and selectable front and rear differentials give you peace of mind — whether you are on fine turf or in hauling heavy loads.