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Save time with new Toro Semi Automatic Retrofit filter

Save time with new Toro Semi Automatic Retrofit filter

The new Toro semi automatic retrofit filter is an ideal substitute for existing manual disc filters.

Frank Nocera, Product Manager – Irrigation at Toro says: “Disc filters are used extensively in agriculture. Cleaning is a very time consuming job as disc elements have to be removed from the filter body to be cleaned thoroughly and then reinstalled after cleaning. During this time no irrigation can take place.

“In addition to this, growers need to take care when removing the disc filter cover and remember to release pressure within the system, as there is a chance the filter cover and disc element can blow off under pressure and cause injury to staff or damage the filter itself”, says Frank.

The new Toro Semi Automatic Retrofit filter eliminates all these issues.

It can be retro-fitted in place of a popular manual angle disc filter without the need for any alteration to existing pipework. Simply remove the old filter and replace it with the SA500R, which will bolt straight into place.

A pressure differential indicator located on the side of the filter will alert the operator when cleaning is required.

To clean the SA500R, open the flush valve and turn the suction scanner handle down and back up. The suction scanner located inside the filter will run over the entire filter screen surface and suck up dirt and debris from the screen . Dirt is then discharged via the flushing valve. The filter itself remains fully functional and irrigation can continue during the cleaning cycle.

“The whole cleaning process can be over in well under one minute, that is how easy it is”, says Frank.
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