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Raise the mower for healthier lawns

Raise the mower for healthier lawns

Most Australian homeowners dream of having lush, green lawns around their houses.
However, for many, the reality is that the lawn is a patchy, dusty, brown and weed-infested area of ground which is usually mowed as low as possible.

Leading Australian supplier of push and ride on mowers, Toro Australia, says one of the key solutions is simple – raise the height of the lawn mower blades.

Toro’s Senior Marketing Manager Equipment, Elise Willemsen, said cutting the grass too low is one of the most common gardening mistakes made by homeowners.
“Grass grows from the crown, not the blade tips,” she said.

“If people cut the grasses too low, they risk damaging the crown, which damages the plant itself. Leaving the grasses longer means there is a greater area available for photosynthesis to take place, which means healthier plants. Cutting grasses too low also stunts root growth, which increases the need for watering and fertilising.

“Healthier grass plants mean thicker lawns, less competition from weeds and less maintenance, as longer grasses actually grow slower. Longer lawns also cope with hot weather a lot better.

“So by lifting the blades, gardeners can have better lawns and spend less time mowing, fertilising and watering.”

Ms. Willemsen said home gardeners should also consider leaving the lawn clippings in the grass, as they act as a light mulch and help return vital nutrients to the soil as they decompose. Mulching mowers cut the clippings even finer.

She said that for the average home gardener, the average height of lawn should be between 40 and 70 milimetres, depending on lawn variety.

Other suggestions include:

  • Cut no more than one third of the height of the grass in a single mow
  • Never “scalp” the lawn
  • Only mow when the lawns are dry
  • Ensure mower blades are sharp and replace as necessary
  • Change mowing patterns frequently to avoid compaction
  • Leave lawn clippings on the lawn
  • Keep mower blades higher during hot weather
  • Lower the blades slightly during cooler weather
  • Rinse clippings off mowers after use to prevent the chance of spreading lawn disease

Ms. Willemsen said lifting the mower blades was a simple and easy first step to better lawns.

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