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Perrot Sprinklers available in Australia following acquisition by The Toro Company

Perrot Sprinklers available in Australia following acquisition by The Toro Company

Toro Australia is pleased to announce the addition of Perrot Sprinklers to the irrigation product portfolio.  Covering applications across the agricultural, sports turf and golf markets, Perrot sprinklers offer Toro customers an expanded range of professional irrigation solutions.

Regnerbau Calw GmbH, a privately held manufacturer of professional irrigation equipment was acquired by The Toro Company (TTC) in 2017. Headquartered in Althengstett, Germany, and founded in 1925, Regnerbau Calw GmbH manufactures a variety of irrigation products under the Perrot brand including piston drive pop up sprinklers, impacts in canister, big guns and travelling irrigators for a variety of applications across sports fields, agriculture, dust suppression and professional turf. The long-distance radius and fast rotation of Perrot's sports field sprinklers make them an ideal choice for maintaining both natural and synthetic turf on soccer, tennis, hockey, golf and equine venues across the globe.

“The addition of the Perrot portfolio helps expand Toro's presence in the sports field and agricultural industries, while also growing our position in adjacencies to our core businesses,” said Rick Olson, Toro's president and Chief Executive Officer. “This acquisition is consistent with our strategy to grow in the professional, water and global markets, and provides an expanded offering of professional irrigation solutions to better serve our customers.”

“With over 90 years of experience in the irrigation industry, Perrot has a commitment to manufacturing high-quality, professional irrigation products and providing exceptional service to customers and will be a great fit with Toro”, said Alexander Fleig, General Manager of Regnerbau Calw GmbH. “We believe that the acquisition by Toro will help expand our global footprint and take our business to the next level.”

The Perrot long range sprinklers provide additional irrigation solutions for the professional turf market.  From the impact drive pop-ups to the big guns Perrot sprinklers can cover distances from 12 to 69m, making them ideal for soccer, and polo fields, hockey pitches and racecourses. At its peak the iconic VP3 piston drive pop up sprinkler is capable of reaching a throw of a staggering 54m, meaning it can safely span the  entire width of a hockey pitch or soccer field from outside the playing surface.  It is also the only long range sprinkler approved by the International Hockey Federation.