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New Virginia greenhouse development uses Toro NGE white spider assemblies.

New Virginia greenhouse development uses Toro NGE white spider assemblies.

In their latest 2.4 hectare greenhouse development H & L Hydroponics from Virginia, SA, are growing 68,000 plants (cucumber and tomatoes) hydroponically. Installed in August 2020, the plants are watered by Toro NGE drippers with white Spider assemblies, at 3 lph and 0.2m spacing.

After a career in Finance, General Manager Adam Phan moved onto the family farm 3 years ago and is looking after the latest development. H & L employ up to 12 staff.

The White Spider assemblies use the Toro NGE anti-leak pressure compensating emitters and are ideal for pot and hydroponic watering. By applying water directly to the root system, foliage remains dry, decreasing the risk of disease and water washing off chemicals applied to the foliage.

Adam states: “The great thing about the pre-assembled one way spider assemblies is that they are simple to flush and clean, as they come with an easily removable assembly adaptor with stake and tube. The drippers are quick and easy to take off. This is a major advantage when having to clean 68,000 of them! The assemblies are also very economically priced.”

Manufactured from quality resins, the bright white spider tubing is highly reflective, durable and flexible. The precision moulded NGE emitters and fittings provide accuracy and durability over multiple crop seasons, which Adam is certainly looking forward to.

Irrigation supply and design by Toro Irrigation dealer VISS Water, Virginia.