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NEW! Toro® WE 500 battery compact utility loaders.

NEW! Toro® WE 500 battery compact utility loaders.

Toro has made a major step into the battery-powered equipment marketplace with the introduction of the new Toro® WE 500 wheeled compact utility loader.

“We are so excited to introduce the new WE 500 compact utility loader. It will offer all the benefits and power of a standard compact utility loader but without any fuel costs, less vibration, less noise and no exhaust emissions,” said Brian Goodridge, Toro’s Equipment Product Marketing Manager.

“We expect the WE 500 to be a game-changer for indoor contractors, these machines will help reduce overall costs and speed up completion of jobs.

“They are powered by on-board lithium-ion batteries, so you can use your WE 500 for jobs where you need heavy or continuous operation in order to finish on time.

“The WE 500 will allow you to utilise several power modes to conserve energy. For example the Auto Idle feature automatically conserves energy by powering off the motor after it’s been idle for a certain amount of time. The machine also shifts to low idle after 5 seconds of non-use and shuts off when not in use for over 30 seconds. You can then instantly restart the machine by simply double-tapping the traction control lever and continue the job”, said Goodridge.

Tyres on this machine are solid non-marking tyres, this makes the WE 500 the perfect choice for indoor, warehouse, flooring and demolition applications.

The WE 500 is strong enough for outdoors use too. In any outdoor landscaping projects where low noise and zero exhaust emissions are required it will provide an electric alternative without compromising on power and performance.

Versatility is also a hallmark of the new WE 500 thanks to Toro’s 4-Paw® independent 4-wheel drive system and true spin-turn performance. Plus, many existing Toro attachments are compatible with the new models, including: Standard Bucket, Narrow Bucket, Auger Head, Adjustable Forks, Grapple Bucket, Leveler.
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