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New Toro TRX-250 and TRX-300 walk behind trenchers

New Toro TRX-250 and TRX-300 walk behind trenchers

The new Toro TRX-250 and TRX-300 walk behind trenchers incorporate new design enhancements for better ease of operation, improved hydraulics and streamlined controls.  The trenchers also include the new Intelli-Trench™ technology to automatically adjust the hydraulic flow allowing power where needed to maximise productivity.  Plus, they offer significantly less parts resulting in less maintenance over time.  

“Intelli-Trench technology is an innovation that optimises the hydraulic flow to the digging conditions”, said Brian Goodridge, Toro’s Equipment Product Marketing Manager.

“This system automatically redirects the hydraulic flow from the traction motors to provide more power to the trencher head. This means you can hold the traction handle in one place without needing constant adjustment. Therefore it will reduce operator fatigue and optimise performance. 

“On top of this, Intelli-Trench also decreases track wear and maintains engine RPM for efficient engine cooling”, said Goodridge.

The TRX models have a new hydraulic design that requires a lot less components than previous models and this makes maintenance easier and can potentially reduce service needs.

The TRX’s streamlined controls are easy to learn and operate. You will find the familiar TRX trencher valve handle and boom lift lever, as well as independent traction control for the left track and the right track. The boom lift function has been enhanced with a new hydraulic valve that allows the boom to move up and down smoothly.

“Toro have taken the proven TRX design and made it even easier to use and maintain. The TRX has always had the advantage of a low centre of gravity and a large footprint, which gives it excellent stability and manoeuverability while minimising damage to existing turf. The new models deliver those benefits and more”, Goodridge said.

The TRX-250 is equipped with a powerful 24.5 hp Toro® engine and offers a maximum forward speed of 3.9 km/h, while the new TRX-300 has a 26.5 hp Kohler® EFI engine and has a maximum forward speed of 3.7 km/h. A heavy-duty air cleaner is standard on both engines. Both models are 209.6 cm long, 85.9 cm wide and 116.8 cm.

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