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New Toro fleet for Flagstaff Hill Golf Club in South Australia

New Toro fleet for Flagstaff Hill Golf Club in South Australia

Superintendent Aaron Kelly and the team at Flagstaff Hill Golf Club are super excited to have received all of their new Toro fleet, consisting of 2 x MDX Workman vehicles, 2 Greensmaster 3150 greens mowers, a Reelmaster 5610 fairway mower, a Groundsmaster 4000 rough mower, Pro Force debris blower and 1 Multi Pro 1750 sprayer.

Flagstaff Hill Golf Course is located in Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs and was developed in the late 1960's. Kelly and his team have to maintain 18 holes, plus a "spare" hole (1.5) which can be used during course redevelopment work.

Kelly has just upgraded the majority of his fleet of machines with the help of Toro’s Area Sales Manager Simon Jones and Toro Finance.
The Flagstaff Hill Golf Club management team realized that their equipment fleet needed to be upgraded, but the question was how to afford to do this in a timely fashion.

This is where Toro Finance is so powerful, it gives the club the option to get the Toro equipment that they want now, whilst tailoring a finance package of both Operating Lease & Chattel to suit the club’s budget and future equipment vision.

Aging equipment brings with it a decline in productivity and an increase in maintenance costs. As replacement equipment budgets are always tightening the average club may only be able to purchase one or two pieces of new equipment per year.

Through Toro Finance a club can actually replace their whole fleet now, keep up with market leading technology, reduce their fleet’s maintenance cost and capital budget for the same amount of dollar value annually. Repayment structures can be tailored to suit the club’s cashflow requirements.

“We’re very happy in our decision to go with Toro, not just because of great machine performance, but also because of the support we receive from Simon, Toro Finance and the Toro Service Centre”, said Kelly.

Jones commented: “One of the most satisfying parts of my job, is working with the supers, like Aaron, to find the right machines fitted with the right accessories to fulfill all the requirements of equipment that they need for all the areas of the course.

“It is critical during the initial discovery process to work closely with the superintendent, area by area and decide what is going to be the most suitable equipment for each particular task. The right machine can then provide the super with the reliability and productivity that they need, at a budget that is comfortable to the club.

“Of course the highlight of working on a package like this, is seeing the happiness on the super and his crews’ faces when I deliver the equipment, and to gain a thorough understanding that our partnership with the club is going to assist in enriching the beauty and playability of their golf course for many years to come…..that is my greatest reward”.