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New Models to the line up of Z Master® Professional Series Mowers

Toro Z Master® Professional 5000 Series EFI Rear Discharge

The new Toro® Z Master® Professional 5000 Series has two models with rear discharge decks. Featuring 747 cc Kohler® Command Pro EFI engine, Toro's TURBO FORCE® cutting deck with durable 7-gauge steel, robust cast iron spindle housings, and high-strength steel blades, the Toro rear discharge mowers are available in 60 inch and 72 inch cutting widths.

The decks are designed with two blades rotating clockwise and one blade rotating counter-clockwise to spread clippings evenly through the rear discharge port.
These new rear discharge mowers promote enhanced productivity in taller grass and weed conditions. Cleanup time is quicker since clippings are contained within the path of the mower.

“Rear discharge design is not new to Toro,” says Patric Soussan, Senior Sales Manager Consumer & Professional Equipment. “We have been manufacturing rear discharge mowers for years on our larger commercial Groundsmaster® mowers, but we feel there is a growing need for these mowers in the Z Master product line.”
The Z Master® Professional 5000 Series is ideal for roadside and median mowing, cemetery maintenance, and mowing near flowers beds, parking lots and other areas where debris needs to be contained.

Toro Z Master® Professional 6000 Series EFI with E-Gov and Toro Horizon™ Technology

Toro introduces new Horizon technology on select Z Master® Professional 6000 electronic fuel injected (EFI) with electronic governor (E-Gov) models. Horizon technology is an intelligence platform enhancing overall performance in a wide range of mowing conditions, increasing fuel efficiency compared to carbureted models. It allows the operator to select from three different performance modes based on mowing conditions. In ‘max mode’ the operator has maximum power and performance for the most demanding conditions. An ‘economy mode’ increases fuel efficiency in normal mowing conditions, while reducing the unit’s overall emissions, noise and machine wear. When cutting in wet conditions the ‘low mode’ helps reduce deck packing.

“Reducing fuel consumption and emissions without sacrificing performance is a challenge contractors face today,” says Patric Soussan. “Our Horizon technology achieves an optimum balance between power and performance. We’ve also provided an easy way for operators to make adjustments based on mowing conditions. “

The Horizon platform tracks engine temperature and oil pressure. If the mower is not performing properly, the operator will receive a visual warning of critical system issues and the mower will go into ‘safe transport’ mode to reduce the risk of damage to the machine.
Toro Z Master® Professional 6000 mowers combine Kohler® EFI engines with an electronic governor, which helps maintain more consistent blade tip speed and reduces governor droop.

Toro Z Master® Commercial 3000 Series 60 inch

The upgraded Toro® Z Master® Commercial 3000 Series 60 inch offers the perfect blend of performance, durability and value. This model features Toro's exclusive Turbo Force® cutting deck and 12 cc unitised pump and wheel motor transmissions, which are equipped with cooling fans.

The mowers come with the industry’s toughest spindle assemblies. A stout cast iron housing with a massive base and six mounting bolts absorbs impact loads and distributes them across a broader area of the deck shell.

The precision blades resist flexing to provide a flat crisp cut. High-strength, heat-treated alloy steel survives impacts and provides resistance to the rapid wear commonly associated with abrasive conditions.