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Make tracks with Toro's Single Station Battery Controller

Make tracks with Toro's Single Station Battery Controller

The new Toro Waterproof Single Station Battery Controller is ideal for use in remote locations and areas where it is difficult to get power to a controller.

This new product from Toro - which has just hit Australian shelves - is specifically designed to help landscaping professionals and D-I-Y gardeners better manage their irrigation systems at sites with no power or where cable trenching is difficult or expensive.

"The new Toro Single Station Controller is all about flexibility," said Alyce Rigby, Toro Australia's Product Manager - Garden and Irrigation. "Because it is battery-powered, portable and operates entirely from one controller connected to a single valve, there is no need to lay multiple wires on site. "One 9-volt alkaline battery is all you'll need to sufficiently power an entire irrigation season.

"It features clever built-in protection to avoid programming or valve operation if the battery is low on power, as well as a short circuit error detection. "Simple to use, the controller has an intuitive icon-driven display and 4-function keypad, and seven days of activity can be pre-programmed. "The controller can be retrofitted to most DC-Latching solenoids on the market, and it's also fully waterproof and submersible to two metres, meaning that you really can use it almost anywhere."

Ms Rigby said the Single Station Controller's 'Unique Runtime Extension' feature was what set it apart from its competitors. "Manual operation will simply pause any automatic irrigation programs," Ms Rigby said. "Once the manual run is complete, automatic irrigation will resume as normal, allowing simple and efficient doubling of runtime when additional watering is needed."

Over the last few years, Toro Irrigation has continued to invest in control technology to develop superior products that make life easier for landscape professionals. The Single Station Controller complements the already reputable range of Battery Controllers from Toro, including the Commercial Battery Controllers, Waterproof Battery Controllers and the Junior DC Battery Controller.

The Toro Waterproof Single Station Battery Controller can be purchased through authorised Toro Irrigation dealers. Please visit to locate your closest dealer.