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If you spend long hours mowing, you will want to try the Toro MyRIDE suspension system!

If you spend long hours mowing, you will want to try the Toro MyRIDE suspension system!

Long days will feel shorter with the all-new, amazingly comfortable MyRIDE™ suspension system on the Toro® Z Master® Professional 5000 Series 60 inch mower.
The fully suspended, adjustable operator platform isolates bumps and vibrations so you don’t feel the rough terrain.

Patric Soussan, Toro’s Senior Sales Manager for Consumer & Professional Equipment says: “Toro developed a system that totally isolates the mower operator from the rest of the machine, by using a combination of shock absorbers, rubber mounts and a thick padded seat and armrests. Many mower operators have to deal with rough terrain and long hours of mowing. The MyRIDE suspension system delivers 9.1 cm (3.6 inches) of travel and reduces impacts, bumps and vibrations for a much more comfortable ride.

“The suspension system has two rear shocks with springs that are easy to adjust from soft to firm in mere seconds so that you can lock in your own preference. And you don’t need any tools to do this. On the front of the machine is a single shock absorber in the centre of the operator platform along with rubber mounts that the seat sits on.

“The response from those who have tested this mower in the field has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Soussan.

A TURBO FORCE® rugged, 7-gauge high-strength steel deck constructed to handle extreme conditions, delivers the ultimate in cutting performance. The 152.4 cm Professional 5000 series model features a 25 HP Kohler® Command Pro EFI 747cc engine.

Toro's rugged spindle assemblies survive impacts that would destroy lesser spindles. A stout cast iron housing with a massive base and six mounting bolts absorbs impact loads and distributes them across a broader area of the deck shell. Plus, the solid, one-inch diameter shaft is alloy steel.
High-lift, flex-resistant, 0.63 cm thick blades are made of heat-treated steel for maximum durability and an outstanding cut every time.
A lighter and more durable unibody frame is positioned lower to the ground, improving the centre of gravity, balance and traction in most conditions. As an added perk, it’s made the machine easier to handle.

The MyRIDE suspension system is ideal for acreage owners with larger properties, as well as landscape contractors and other professionals who mow each day.