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Feature packed Toro Micro-Master® Touch Irrigation Controller

Feature packed Toro Micro-Master® Touch Irrigation Controller

The Micro-Master® Touch is the newest addition to the Toro range of irrigation controllers for agricultural and commercial applications. It is redesigned from the ground up to incorporate more modern features into the popular Micro-Master range.

Designed and manufactured in Adelaide, the controller is feature packed with expandable station counts and support for multiple chemical injection, pump sets and filter banks. It will easily upgrade an existing system and supports wireless communication with field-based units. There is no trenching required and no wires are needed; thereforesaving both time and money.

The Micro-Master Touch comes with a USB port, which allows for controller firmware upgrades, storing programmes for future use and for controller activity logging.

Toro approached Marc Brehin, owner of Irrigation SOS in Victor Harbor, South Australia to trial the Micro-Master Touch. Marc installed the controller at Tatachilla Lutheran College in McLaren Vale, where it is used to operate a sub-surface wastewater disposal system at the school grounds.

The Touch controls the aeration and ozoneation of effluent holding tanks, and regulates the irrigation of a woodlot site and the monitoring of flows and ORP alarm monitor. The controller is used to monitor tank levels via two level sensors. A set of rules determines operation of the programs based on a combination of sensor inputs. The same sensors are used to determine whether programmed irrigation can proceed or whether it should be paused or stopped. A third level sensor is used to halt the ozone generator.

The controller also runs a separate non-irrigation function of maintaining circulation of water within the tank on an almost continuous basis. Additionally, the controller governs the filter flushing and irrigation chemical injection system.

Marc says: “I found the controller very user friendly and was able to program it without receiving any tuition. The full colour LCD touch screen is easy to use.”

According to Marc, the concurrent program operation is a great feature with 32 multi-station programs being able to run concurrently and 160 single station programs (the master controller is supplied with one 8-station module as standard and is expandable to up to 32 stations).

Each master unit can communicate with up to 4 remote units, meaning a system can have up to 160 stations. Up to 3 remote units, each with a maximum line of sight range of 7 km, and able to hop sequentially, can increase the overall wireless communication range to 21 km.

Marc continues: “Another advantage of the controller is the flow monitoring, which lets me know if the system is running according to the design parameters.” Flow meters are connected to the controller and monitor over and under flow. When limits are exceeded a fault report is generated and a message will show on the controller’s screen. For example, the system will let the operator know if a valve did not come on or close, or if there is a burst in the main line.

Radio-Master for Touch units are also available. Up to 19 x 8 station field modules can be added, each capable of communicating wirelessly back to the master. These are also suitable for areas prone to lightning strikes.

The controller offers flexible communication options with a choice from RS232, RS484, USB, Radio, Modem, Ethernet and wireless communication modules.

The Micro-Master Touch is a powerful, yet simple to use irrigation controller that can be controlled by modern day communication options.