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Enhanced Distribution of Toro Commercial Equipment in parts of NSW

Toro Australia is excited to announce Semco Equipment as the newly appointed dealer for our Commercial Equipment segment, focusing on catering to Sports Fields and Grounds customers across the expansive Greater Sydney, Canberra, Southern and part of Western NSW regions.

Semco Equipment has represented the Toro Australia Brand for Construction, Consumer, and Residential Landscape Contractor equipment since 2010, and been a prominent fixture in Sydney's equipment and service landscape for nearly three decades. A wholly Australian-owned and operated entity, Semco Equipment operates four sales, parts, and service hubs across NSW and the ACT, complemented by a fleet of mobile servicing units. Their unwavering dedication spans every customer touchpoint, ensuring a seamless journey from pre-sales engagement to post-purchase support.

The alliance forged between Semco Equipment and Toro Australia for Commercial Equipment signals an exciting era with immense benefits for customers in this dynamic region. Semco's reputation for integrity across their operational spectrum, coupled with their robust parts and service infrastructure, reinforces their unwavering pledge to customer satisfaction.

Effective from the 4th of December 2023, Toro Australia also announces the transition of Mark McAlister from Toro Australia to Semco Equipment, ensuring continuity and a familiar face for customers amidst this transition.

"All current quotes, orders, and delivery timetables remain unaffected. Mark McAlister remains the primary contact for order confirmations, with unchanged contact details," stated Luke Ognibene, Business Manager – Sales & Aftersales at Toro Australia. "Toro is committed to a gradual and seamless transfer of business to Semco over the ensuing months, bolstered by our support to uphold the existing service standards in the market."

For further inquiries or information, please contact either Toro Australia or Semco Equipment using the details provided below.