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Easily upgrade older decoder systems with Toro Lynx® GAC

Easily upgrade older decoder systems with Toro Lynx® GAC

Golf course users of older AC decoder control systems are now able to upgrade to a modern central without the need to replace their entire irrigation system with the new Toro Lynx® GAC.

With Lynx GAC all the advantages of Lynx Central Control are available to you; a system that is intuitive, easy to install, control and use. It can be operated from your smart devices anywhere and anytime and features moisture sensing, sophisticated diagnostics and run time in seconds.

Jennie Hartwell, Toro’s National Marketing Manager, Irrigation, says: “Lynx GAC gives instant access to past, present and planned course management information from multiple irrigation system components, including weather and pump stations, electrical systems, sprinklers, intelligent field controllers, Toro Turf Guard® wireless soil sensors, and more.

“It is the only irrigation control system that lets you set runtimes in seconds, not in minutes. This can result in savings of up to 35% water and electricity usage as you can apply the exact amount of water required to the second, for improved irrigation efficiency.

“Another great benefit of Lynx GAC is that it can work with your existing sprinkler system and wiring, there is no digging required as you just replace the field decoders and central.”

Integrated Surge Protection decoders are rated to 20KV lightning protection, the highest in the industry and offer improved reliability in lightning prone areas.

Ms Hartwell said Lynx GAC empowers superintendents to take quick, accurate actions, with built-in diagnostics that automatically alert if there are any problems and the wire path check quickly confirms that the whole system is operational.

“Every day, Lynx GAC auto-generates a detailed course report that lets greenkeepers know if their irrigation ran as planned, or if they need to step in and make changes based on course conditions.” she said.

To further meet the needs of superintendents, Lynx GAC is serviced by Toro’s National Support Network (NSN®), which provides software and system support from experienced professionals who understand exactly what golf courses need.