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Cut your lawn and the time spent mowing with the new Toro Timecutter SS Zero Turn Mowers

Cut your lawn and the time spent mowing with the new Toro Timecutter SS Zero Turn Mowers

When was the last time you had fun mowing the lawn?
If it has been a while, you need to check out the Toro® TimeCutter® SS Zero Turn Mowers.

TimeCutter owners tell us their machines cut their mowing time by an average of 45 percent over their previous lawn or garden tractor mower. That means you’ll spend less time mowing and more time doing the things you love.

The key to getting the job done quickly is the mower’s superior maneuverability. The Toro TimeCutter SS does not have a traditional steering wheel but uses two control levers that let you smoothly and easily navigate around your yard. The rear wheels are powered independently, enabling the mower to literally turn on a coin.
This zero-turning radius technology allows the machine to turn tightly around trees, closely trim around flowerbeds, and hug the edge of your landscaping. This virtually eliminates the need to go back and trim by hand. You definitely won’t have to make several passes around an obstacle as you would with a lawn/garden tractor.

Plus, they're fast – TimeCutter zero turn mowers can travel at speeds of up to 11.3 km/h.
The TimeCutter SS mowers also come with the Toro exclusive Smart Speed™ control system. You can choose different ground speeds with the flip of a lever without changing blade or engine speeds.
This means you can mow large, open areas with the high speed range to finish quickly, and use the low speed range for controlled maneuvering in tight areas, around trees, garden features and landscaping. Smart Speed makes it easier to maintain a steady pace while mowing thick grass and gives greater control when mowing on a slight hill. The result is a precise mowing experience engineered for everyone.

TimeCutter SS mowers are available with 32 and 42 inch cutting decks and a three-year residential use limited warranty. Optional extras like a recycler kit, rear engine guard, dump cart, cargo carrier and anti-vibration floor mats are available.

A Toro 32” TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower is priced similar to a 42” Toro lawn tractor and it will still cut your mowing time, even with a smaller deck!
Toro has been designing and building zero turn mowers for professional groundskeepers for more than 25 years. The quality and dependability professionals have come to count on is
packed into every homeowner model Toro develops. The Toro TimeCutter SS models are no exception and are designed to make mowing easy.
For great footage visit the Toro youtube channel.

Please visit to locate your nearest certified Toro Homeowner Mower
dealer. Customer Finance is available.