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Cut heavy vegetation, tall weeds & saplings with Toro’s new self-propelled Brush Cutter BRC-28

Cut heavy vegetation, tall weeds & saplings with Toro’s new self-propelled Brush Cutter BRC-28

Toro introduces the all-new 28-inch hydro drive brush cutter to the residential and landscape contractor market. Outstanding durability is a key feature of this new walk-behind model, making it ideal for rental shops, municipalities, contractors, acreage owners and hobby farmers.

“If your current brush cutter is not quite cutting it and you need to slash heavy vegetation and tall weeds regularly, then you need to try the BRC-28 Brush Cutter”, says Brian Goodridge, Equipment Product Manager at Toro Australia. “It’s a commercial grade walk behind mower, and will cut through heavy and dense brush up to 1.8 metre high, as well as grass, weeds and tree saplings up to 50 mm in diameter”.

The commercial-grade, self-propelled brush cutter is versatile and easy to use and can handle many applications as well as operators of varying skill levels.

Featuring a pivoting deck with a flexibility of +/-10 degrees makes it easy to manoeuver over uneven terrain. A two-step blade engagement coupled with a parking brake ensures the 28-inch hydro drive brush cutter is as safe as it is dependable.

“Users can manoeuver this powerful machine in both forward and reverse with the one hand control feature. It’s incredibly stable with sealant-filled aggressive tread tires to provide traction on slopes or in ditches and culverts”, continues Brian.

The unit features a high-strength steel deck with large diameter pulleys that optimize the longevity of the belts. The unique blade design reduces impact while a spindle shaft saddle prevents the blade bolt from loosening during normal operation. These features combine to make an extremely reliable product, capable of handling a wide variety of challenging conditions.

“The Brush Cutter 28 is extremely rugged and features simple, intuitive controls that both professional contractors and novice operators alike will be able to master in a matter of minutes,” Brian concludes. 

The BRC-28 is available from all Toro equipment dealers.