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Boomerang Golf Course’s new Tempus Ag battery central control system

Boomerang Golf Course’s new Tempus Ag battery central control system

Andrew Bradshaw, Superintendent of Boomerang Golf Course in NSW, was eager to find a solution for his problem: the manual activation of irrigation at the course’s 18 greens and tees.

Enter Phil Harvey from Toro dealer Water Well Irrigation, who introduced him to the new Toro Tempus Ag battery control system.

Andrew was excited to explore the potential benefits for his course, this system could be the solution to his manual watering woes. Being a budget friendly system made the decision to install it even easier.

Water Well retrofitted the central control system to the existing irrigation setup at the course. They integrated 36 new valves with DC coils across the 18 greens and 18 tees. The Tempus Ag controllers were placed with the DC valves and communicate by radio back to the Tempus Wi-Fi Gateway set up at the club house. The furthest battery controller located at a valve, has a radio distance of 640m to the clubhouse. From the Tempus Gateway the communications to the Boomerang Club house are cloud based.

Thanks to this system, Andrew can now run his Tempus Ag Irrigation control system from his computer as well as through a mobile app, eliminating the need for manual operation and saving time and effort, making his life a lot easier.