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Battery-operated equipment for Adelaide Zoo

Battery-operated equipment for Adelaide Zoo

Thanks to a corporate partnership between Toro Australia and Adelaide Zoo, the zoo’s horticulture team now have a complete suite of battery-operated Workman vehicles and an eS3000 battery ride on mower, walk behind battery mowers, as well as a range of products from the 60V Max Flex-Force Battery tools including leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers and chainsaws.  

“Sustainability is incredibly important to Zoos SA, from reducing our water consumption to implementing reusable signage and powering the zoo with over 300,000kW of solar energy produced each year by our 230kw solar panels," said Horticulturist Ailee Cheney.

The new Toro equipment has helped the team be more sustainable, reducing their carbon footprint and saving around 77 litres of petrol every week.

“We have a wide variety of jobs day to day that mean we need to zip across the site from carrying browse to different animals to moving new planting to different areas of the zoo.

 “The new vehicles and machinery have meant that we can do this sustainably leaving no carbon footprint and charging up using the solar power available at the zoo.  

“As our equipment is battery-operated, it also has positive welfare benefits for the animals as there is less noise impact,” finished Ailee.

Providing tip-top care for the animals is the highest priority at Zoos SA and they are doing this using a science-based approach to animal welfare. This focuses on the Five Domains: environment, behaviour, nutrition, health and positive mental state.  This includes creating a peaceful and lush environment that reflects the natural habitat of the species that call the zoo home.

Once part of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the horticultural team ensures that the animal habitats, gardens and grounds within Adelaide Zoo are meticulously maintained and ever-evolving. Toro Australia is extremely pleased to help Adelaide Zoo with our range of environmentally sensitive battery products.