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All-New Greensmaster® 1021.

All-New Greensmaster® 1021.

The all-new Toro 21 inch Greensmaster® 1021 walk-behind greensmower is designed to bring every operator and greensmower into perfect harmony with one another.

The revolutionary mower with ‘fixed-head’ features, is specifically designed to eliminate any variability in the walk mowing process. “Operators of all sizes and skill levels are able to work in harmony with this machine, because of the innovative telescoping loop handle, that accommodates operators of different heights and skill levels”, said Brian Goodridge, Toro Australia’s Equipment Product Marketing Manager.

The easy adjustment simultaneously helps to deliver a more consistent cut, but also reduces operator fatigue. Handle isolation mounts give the cutting units consistent contact with the ground throughout the mowing process, eliminating even the slightest variability in the height-of-cut that can occur because of variations in handle pressure or differing operator strides.

“Ultimately, the desired result is to improve the user’s experience and deliver the most consistent quality-of-cut and playability for golfers on each and every green”, said Goodridge.

The new bail design combines safety and operational control. New operator controls, in conjunction with a shorter distance between the roller and drum, deliver significantly more precise handling in turns as well as more consistent performance on greens with modest undulations.

Other exciting features include the new EdgeSeries™ reels for a crisp, close, precise cut, an easy-to-reach knob for adjusting the clip rate and flexibility to choose between 8, 11, and 14 blade cutting units.

“This new walk greens mower really takes cutting performance to an all-new level,” said Goodridge. “Toro started from the ground up in the development of this machine, and we are excited that this solution helps courses deliver the best playing experience available.”

Another key focus during the development of the new Greensmaster 1021 is to save time and money by minimising and simplifying maintenance. Several features contribute to a lower overall cost of ownership. For example, it now takes only minutes to replace an entire cutting unit or engine assembly.

From the modular design for easy repair and replacement of key components to the ability of each unit to backlap directly using transport wheels, the entire maintenance process is streamlined to maximise uptime without sacrificing performance.

The all-new Greensmaster 1021 model is powered by a Honda® GX120 engine and has a cutting width of 21-inch (53.3 cm).

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